Meet the Puppets

Scorch the Dragon

Favourite food - flame grilled burgers
Favourite film - How to train a dragon, Ozzy has been trying for a while
Favourite pizza topping - BBQ
Best friend - Bingo the seal
Worst friend - Yo-yo the panda, he keeps pinching my burgers

Bingo the Seal

Favourite food - fish with mayonnaise
Favourite pizza topping - tuna
Best Friend - Scorch the Dragon
Worst Friend – Supersonic the Turtle

Yo-yo the Panda

Favourite film - Kung Fu Panda
Favourite food - chicken with bamboo shoots or scorches burgers
Favourite hobby - sunbathing
Favourite drink - Panda Pop

Supersonic the Turtle

Favourite game - Hide and Seek
Favourite food - Shell fish
Favourite sport - 100 metre slow dash

...and the rest!

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