What can you offer?

1 or 2 hour magic shows, puppets, circus workshops, balloon modeling, face painting,  and puzzle workshops.


How do we pay?

You pay a £50 non refundable booking fee over the phone by debit card or credit card .The balance is the payable on the day. You can pay by other means but the booking isn't confirmed until payment received and you could loose out.


What ages can you entertain?

Birthday parties are normally for 4-10 years old , however Ozzy can easily adapt for younger or older children. Ozzy is also comfortable with mixed ages for joint parties, weddings and larger events. Ozzy can also perform close up magic or cabaret for Grown up shows.


Where do you travel?

Ozzy is based in Exeter but has a van and willing and often does travel all around the South West and Further.


Can you entertain in the house?

Yes we can put on a fantastic show in a house , however we suggest a hall will give a better party experience for the birthday child as they are going out to a party and it becomes more special. It also has a lot more scope to what we can offer with larger games, and also more children can be invited.


Are you DBS Checked?

Yes i am DBS checked, however please note that my DBS check is for a workshop role, as a self employed person it is Impossible for me to obtain a DBS as an entertainer. Anybody who says they have one for a children's entertainer is doing so illegally as you can only obtain an enhanced DBS for a role that requires it, of which children's entertainer does not. If you wish to know more please contact me and i can send you the official DBS statements.


Do Adults have to be Present?

yes 2 adults (over age of 21) have to be present at all times, We are entertainers and not qualified as childminders. This is for our safety and for the children's safety of any accidents etc.



Do you require a deposit?

We require a £50 booking for to secure the booking, the balance is payable on the day.


What is the cancellation policy?

We charge a cancellation fee of 50% if cancelled within 21 days, 75% within 14 days and full fee within 7 days.(except December full fee within 60 days) However if we can re book the date then no cancellation fee, also if you have to cancel for a genuine reason we offer an alternative midweek date within 2 months and waive the cancellation fee.

Cancellations are only accepted over the phone not on an answer phone or by email as these don't always get through to me.


How much Notice do you require?

As one of the few full time entertainers in the area Ozzy D gets booked up quickly, so we say as much notice as possible to have the best chance of booking Ozzy D. However Ozzy is always ready to go, so if you require an entertainer at short notice Ozzy can please ring (if he cant do it can often find a fellow magician to help.)

How many children can you have at the party?

the smallest party Ozzy has performed at is 1 child and the largest is over 1000 so anything in between is not a problem. A suggested party would be around 25-35 children.


Are you available Midweek?

Yes, we also offer a midweek discount.


Are you insured?

Ozzy has a 10 million pound public liability, he has an enhanced DBS (a common myth, legally not required due to the fact that never left alone with children).


The Price?

Prices vary depending on time, location and service provided, please contact us here with what you require and we can give you an accurate quote to suit your requirements .


Please Contact ozzydee@themagiccircle.co.uk for quickest response.

Ozzy D FAQ's
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Ozzy D | Children's Entertainer

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Ozzy D | Childrens Entertainer Devon | Magician Devon
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Ozzy D | Children's Entertainer
Ozzy D | Children's Entertainer
Ozzy D | Childrens Entertainer Devon | Magician Devon