close-up magic


Add an extra WOW factor to your event, party fair or fete with Ozzy’s close-up walkabout magic.  His unbelievable magical card tricks and sleight of hand will amaze and confuse even the most cynical, leaving everyone asking the question ‘how does he do that?!’  Ozzy’s walkabout magic is perfect for entertaining crowds or queues, is interactive, non-intrusive and very, very, clever.


As a member of The Magic Circle, Ozzy’s professional magic entertainment is unrivalled and his adaptability and affable nature makes him the perfect entertainer for all ages.


Get in touch with Ozzy to discuss your event.

Costume Characters

Costumed or themed characters can be chosen by you to suit your event, for example, the Easter Bunny and friends for a Spring fete, freaky, spooky ghouls for Halloween and of course, Santa and his elves for the festive season.  For your own themed event, Ozzy can also arrange specific costume entertainers such as superheroes, cartoon characters or characters from your favourite book or film – the possibilities are endless!​

Entertainment teams


Ozzy D is an experienced, professional and extremely comedic walkabout entertainer.  Choose Ozzy to feature at your event and he will ensure that, whatever the occasion, everyone is entertained and no one is left without a smile on their face.  Depending on the size of your event, Ozzy can arrange a whole team of fantastic, colourful walkabout entertainers to join him including; stilt walkers, fire eaters, jugglers and clowns. Ozzy’s walkabout entertainers are always a hit at larger parties, fairs, fetes and festivals.  Get in touch to discuss your next event.

clowning about


Ozzy D doing what he does best!  There is never a dull moment when Ozzy is clowning around...


A non-intrusive, inoffensive and totally hilarious addition to your event or party that will have everyone laughing out loud.  Interactive, light-hearted fun and tomfoolery with jokes and slapstick comedy aplenty as Ozzy mingles with the public in his colourful clobber with his crazy personality and loveable nature.  Ozzy’s incredible ability to entertain people of all ages, makes him the perfect choice for entertaining at any type of event.


To talk about your next party, fair or fete – get in touch with Ozzy D

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Ozzy D | Children's Entertainer

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Ozzy D | Childrens Entertainer Devon | Magician Devon
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Ozzy D | Children's Entertainer
Ozzy D | Children's Entertainer
Ozzy D | Childrens Entertainer Devon | Magician Devon